Even though I’m choking on snot and drainage and exhausted after just trying to go out to get lunch today, I can’t take a day off of work. I just can’t breathe well.


I have to remember that I have not been sick long. I have to remember that I will be able to breath again. I will remember that life isn’t always a struggle of breath to short breath and that this is still tons better than last years bad cold. My body is not my enemy out to get me and is struggling to get rid of the stuff in my body. I will only help it out by making sure it stays hydrated and strong and that medicine that I am putting in needs to help me rest so I can recover faster and better.

Before college this didn’t happen. I would have a bad cold once a year and get strep throats but never this blockage of breathing. That all happened after I lived in some dirty dorm buildings. Mold up in the ceilings and mold on the walls when I moved in. I should have moved right out but instead I sprayed the walls with bleach and scrubbed them. That was the first time I ever got walking pneumonia.

This wanting to move into a trailer is in part so I can control the cleanliness of my environment. I want to be able to air out my place and sweep the floor so that I control what bacteria is surrounding me. I never want to have to worry about how dirty the carpet in my apartment was before I even moved in or how much dander my two precious kittens are leaving on my floor. Tiles/wood will prevent that and until I can actually have that in a house, I don’t want one.

I hope you are all happy and healthy this week. I am going to go stick my face in some steam with vicks vapor rub.

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  1. The DC says:

    Ugh….same headcold,twice per year (Spring and Fall),every year…I hate being sick

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