A Great Day


I had a long but great day.

All 12 working hours of it.

My spec ed team is doing their best to work with each other to keep our door puller in the classroom. I was so surprised at the lack of pulling/hollering that I went to go see if he was absent. Nope, Just awesome teamwork. Go go awesome team!

My students learned bunches and are ready to make their water color pencils into water color paint tomorrow. They are excited about the whole experience. The after school science program needed teachers so they allowed me to have an actual class of students. I like them. They are fun and curious and want to learn about the world. They don’t know how plants reproduce but were super eager to ask. we studied adaptations and in general it was a wonderful experience. Our African American history program went very well. I am beyond proud of all of the students who danced and sang but most of all I am proud of two young women. One who was our first ever MC. She ran the program the entire night and introduced groups as well as covered a plethora of information about actual history. The other is a young lady whose dance group failed to show up. She was the only one… by herself, she went up and danced to a praise song. The song is about a woman who is weary and tired and who felt alone and was coming to god in prayer.. This child, by herself, danced with emotion and the end result brought tears to many of our eyes.. just beautiful. As she exited, she burst into tears, embarrassed to preform alone. She was comforted and congratulated by the teachers as our MC and me on the music kept the show rolling. I had to find her afterwards to express my amazement and connection to her dance.

Now, at home, I think about how rich my life can be at times. How I feel blessed with the people around me and the experiences I have and how none of the moments from tonight could have been captured completely by any object and it makes letting go of these things easier. Each and every item I give away at this time only brings me closer to the ability to have more of these types of moments in my personal life. The moments where I wake up with the sun shining outside, drink coffee under my awning and enjoy the world waking up or the moments when I get to see places I could never afford to go before because I was pouring money into items and living spaces that I didn’t need or love. In my utter exhaustion over the day, I am satisfied that I am stepping closer and closer to my personal goals.

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