Procrastinating Doesn’t Help Anyone

I have been procrastinating. I have so much to do around the house and I haven’t been focusing on my main goal. I still have way to much stuff. and with all that stuff comes the lack of being able to live comfortably in my apartment much less a trailer!

This week that is the one and only goal. I don’t care if my house gets messy or if anything is out of place by the end of the week. I will get rid of at least two trashbags of stuff. I don’t care if I do it by donating, selling, draggin it out to the curb or shooting it off to aliens in outer space. I’m dreaming big but not following through if I don’t continue to get rid of stuff.

Why did this hit so hard? I just spend the last day working on my car… a 50 min job tops. What else did I do? I sat curled up in my chair and read other peoples blogs about how awesome it is to live in a trailer. How is that going to get me any closer to my goals!! It isn’t helpful at all. This is the point when I know pretty much what I need to know. I’m already sold on the idea of a trailer so why am I still reading dream stories of other people living in their trailers. Simple. It’s easier. This last week was emotionally exhausting and getting my car working was just one way I could try to get my life back in order.

So, after I finish my laundry from the last two weeks, I will cull through pile of get rid of stuffs, upload some to amazon, upload some to craigslist and list some of freecycle. The hardest thing to get rid of is the giant red bean bag. Its about 5 feet around.. and so comfortable but I have listed it on craigslist twice. Today, I go and dramatically drop the price. Let’s get this going!!

Trying to make dreams a reality.

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