Trailer show!

This last Saturday, before heading out to my grandmothers, I went to the Houston RV show. I have been a few times before, when moving into a trailer was a cool thing that I might one day take the chance and do.

This time I knew I was going to be moving into one and I went with a shoppers eye. I went with the goal of feeling out spaces in trailers. I wanted to compare the difference between 19-22 feet so I could shop a bit easier. I also wanted to see how much storage space certain trailers would have. My last goal was to actually go and stand in a Casita to see if I really liked that brand as much as I thought I would.

My dad actually joined me at the show and we have a great time. We had so much fun wandering the rows to find the small trailers hidden between the large trailers. (They were grouped by dealership, not buy size, brand or style) In just three hours, I got a good feel for small trailers.

I learned that I really like more open floor plans. I would rip out the table and dinner seats in a trailer if I wasn’t worried about it being off balance when I tow it.  Some crazy person is designing trailers with absolutely no drawers in the kitchen. Without a single drawer, I’m not sure where you keep silverware. Also, there is a sever lack of plugs in travel trailers. I met this wonderful lady who chatted with me about what she loved vs hated about the trailer she bought the last year. She was the one who even mentioned the drawer and plug issue. I never would have thought about that on my own… Thank you nice lady whose name I missed..

I don’t want slide outs on an older trailer. Way to easy to have leaks. If I buy new.. I may consider it though. I really do want to feel like I have enough space to exist in my trailer. I do want a shower that is in the corner with either faux glass or real glass doors. I love the idea of actually feeling like I am in a shower and not just standing in a cheap feeling box.

The winners for the day were the 21 foot Coleman. I loved the open space that Coleman included in their design even without tossing a pullout. The other one I absolutely loved was the Winnie Minnie 21 foot travel trailer. The Winnies have sooo much storage and still manage to give you space to move around. It’s a bit like stepping into the Dr. Who Tardis, bigger on the inside. The Winnies also had cute little outdoor kitchens for people who like to cook but want to spend the time outside. I couldn’t compare Casitas because they were missing in action.

Colemans were priced in a range I could actually purchase. Winnies were twice the price of the Coleman so… I will probably focus my shopping on Colemans and try to find one 1-5 years old. Wish me luck!

And now, for the amazing trick of the week, I will drive to Shreveport, Louisiana and then some for my grandmothers funeral (against my moms suggestion) and then hop back in my car and drive right back when things are all said and done. I hope I can make it to my bed tonight. If I have to stop at a hotel to sleep, It will make me sad.  I want to cuddle my kittens tonight as I miss my grandmother. Take care all and stay safe. I will try to do the same.

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  1. Kas says:

    The RV shows are great if not overwhelming at times. We ended up buying a 23′ Starcraft last summer. It has lots of storage space and a queen bed that’s slightly separated from the main area. The shower isn’t great though but the toliet is made of something other than plastic which is nice. We went to 6+ dealerships and looked at lots of RV’s and even though I’m happy with what we bought part of me wishes we got something a little bigger since there is two of us. My suggestion is to go to some local RV sale lots and check out more since most models don’t make it to the show floor. Good luck in your search! And if you want to know anything more about my RV or experience feel free to email me. I’m just an average female who knew little about RV’s so it was definitely an eye opener after purchasing it.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Oh good idea! I didn’t think about shopping local sales.. I don’t know why. It seems like a smart move. How many plugs does your Starcraft have? Do you camp often?

  2. Crystal says:

    Someone asked me at the last potluck if you had gone to the RV show after all. I think it was Jen. Glad you made it there! Sorry about your grandma. It’s been a tough week. Good luck with your Geo and with finding your future home. 🙂

  3. The DC says:

    I drove long haul trucks for 13+ years,my friend,I’m sure you did fine on the drive to and from 🙂

    We liked both the Winnie Minnie and the Coleman as well,but ultimately settled on a new Jayco Jayflight SMX 20’er. It was on sale (as they were over stocked) and priced $4000 off,met our needs (unlike you,we DID need those little bunk beds,having 2 kids LOL,plus at 2,700lbs empty,is well within my old Jeep’s tow package when loaded for 4),and… here,we have options of around 4 brands without a major drive to a bigger RV center (like maybe Knoxville,TN-you’d think that Bristo,being both a college town and a Nascar town there would be more RV dealers,but not so-as is,Crowders is a pretty good one),so Coleman and Winnabago aren’t as easy an option for us.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I hear good things about the Jayco line! I am glad that you found one on sale that works for you. Do you have pictures of it on your blog? Link? =)

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