A Hectic Week

Saturday I went to the RV show. Wednesday I will post some of the neat things I learne/discovered/decided there.

I did go to Louisiana..

I didn’t want to feel that regret in the long run for not going and I was pretty sure I would.

When I arrived, the three sisters were sitting around my grandmother, waiting for her to pass. Her breath rattled in and out, wet sounding and painful. I can’t even imagine having sat there listening to that for a whole week. She was only my grandmother but I had hoped so much better for her than that.

The sisters three have had some past drama that has created a barrier between two of them. My mother and the oldest sister speak amicably but try very hard not to interact more than necessary and the rest of both of our branches of family do not interact at all.

The women were sitting in a triangle shape. Close enough to touch my grandmothers arms and toes but not close enough that they may reach out to each other for comfort. It is so odd to see that distance. Made me think about my brother and I. As my parents pass out of this world, I hope that my brothers and I are able to sit side by side and lean on each other for the comfort family should be able to offer.

My grandmother passed in her sleep around 4am Monday. It took the companies much less time getting to my mothers mom than it did for my fathers mom. I was impressed at the southern hospitality that the gentle man who showed up had. It was a different experience than the one in Houston.

Around lunchtime, I started the 6 hour drive back to Houston. Audio books kept me company and I just kinda focused on the road.

Thursday I will head back early in the morning for the burial and then head home the same night. 13-15 hours in the car will get me where I need to go when.

Then, this weekend, I will get a chance to rebuild my Geo and get back in my own car. I hope it will make my lil Geo dependable enough to take on trips like this.

I wish you all well and I am trying to get back on a regular posting schedule..


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    I’m sorry,my friend

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