Pencil Painting

Good day!

I have been reabsorbed by my artwork these days. I have hit a moment of creativity that has been a bit hard to pull myself away from. Aside from random ideas pounding in the corners of my brain, struggling to force their way into clarity, I have been creating items for retiring teachers…

I am one of those that once I get started, I have a very hard time tearing myself away from it. Today was an ice day so school districts were closed. I woke up late and was missing some of my college friends. After looking at an old collection of inspiration images, I thought I would try to make my friends look doll like.. which failed miserably. Instead, I ended up with sketches showing the animals or items I think about when I think of them. I grabbed my canvas to begin my final drawing and painting and…

realized I sent all of my paint to a friend who was a new painter. I hadn’t used it in a while and she didn’t have the availability in her small town that I have here. I sighed and grabbed my Prismacolor pencils. These pencils are beautifully rich and blend wonderfully on paper but canvas was not what they were made for. I ended up grabbing the solvent so I could blend the colors like paint (a process I had only read about till today) and tried to make the pencils do what my minds eye was trying to achieve. I am not done yet but here is the results of having to manage with a different art supply than I was used to.

Ems Mouse

Not as bad as I thought it would be. I hope I can get used to this style since I am not intending to restock my paint anytime soon. I don’t totally dislike the results so, lets see how they finish up. I think that the first one is done minus the shirt and the second one is only half way there. I have a third but it isn’t further than a basic sketch. Anywho.. Turns out letting go of some art supplies only helped me learn to use other ones.

=) and now… SLEEP .. or I will start working again.

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  1. imber says:

    I love the way these are coming along! I’m glad you got to commit a day to creation. : )

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