I disappeared, sorry.

You know when you wake up and you just want to get the hell out? Not like check out of life but need a break from everything right then and there? That happened to me Wends. I wanted so much to get out of town so much that I texted the guy and told him I required a camping trip. He needed time to check his work schedule.

I am not proud to say I threw a hissy fit when he couldn’t give me the answer I wanted in the time I wanted it but… he is wonderful and soothed me and took care of the campground reservation so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the school day.

I had an appointment Saturday so we took off after lunch. The campsite we visited was in the Sam Houston National State park and was wonderful. I have fond memories of camping there as a child with my family and was happy to find myself reminded of fun times when we got there. I set of my tent with a bit of help from the guy and he set up the chair and hammock for me. We gathered unused wood from campsites that people had checked out of and managed to notice the many cool RV’s and tents that we shared our space with.

We enjoyed a decently paced walk around the “lakes” that were mainly empty due to it being winter and enjoyed the wonderful sky and general sounds of nature. I had a bit of a hard time keeping up with him after about 20 mins due to my extreme calorie reduction that I am on but I managed to get my feet going behind him enough that he didn’t have to stop. I enjoyed very much just getting to breath.

When we got back to the site, he reminded me to write a post (currently trapped in my ipad) and suggested nap time. See how wonderful! He could tell how worn out I was from the week and picked up on helping me focus on the important things to me but made sure I remembered to rest. At some point there was a comment on how happy I look when camping.

Post written and nap had, I started cooking dinner. Now you may notice there was a lot of cooking. At the moment, I am not eating any bread so sandwiches were not an option for me. I am eating a lean protein and a carb light veggie per meal so I knew there would be cooking galore while camping this time (not that I minded).

We curled up in the tent enjoying visiting and then a movie.. then the cold started seeping in. You see, I have a summer tent. It is well vented so that people don’t over heat. In the winter, that means you freeze. The guy was rolled up in 2 comforters and a sheet and was miserable the whole night. I was in a sleeping bag rated for 30 degrees F and also only got fits of sleep interrupted by shivering and cold. I had on two pairs of socks and long johns and warm clothing in the sleeping bag but woke up once with toes so cold that I feared frost bite. At one point, I asked my guy the time in hopes of the sun coming up to relieve our pain but it was only 6 am. After a very very cold night, we enjoyed breakfast and discussed our plans. We decided that another night like that would be unbearable and that we would head back after lunch. We had a great stroll around the lake again and lunch, hopped in the car and drove back to Houston for the longest nap ever.

All in all, it was a wonderful camping trip during the hours that we were active and he agreed he would camp again. Next time we will have a check list so basic things are remembered. (We forgot a can opener, a hatchet, lighter fluid, matches, pillows) If I ever camp in winter again I will also make sure to pick up a $30 tent heater.

Today I feel tired but much much more relaxed that I felt Friday of last week and I had a much needed break from the world. I hope you welcome me back with forgiveness for the two days of posts missed and the understanding of people who live to busy lives and need breaks sometimes.

double lake 2 double lake 3 double lake 1

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3 Responses to I disappeared, sorry.

  1. Alex says:

    No tent is warm, they are ventilated to keep your exhaled moisture from condensing on the walls and dripping down on you. To stay warm you need two things, a foam pad as opposed to an air mattress, and thick insulation. That could be extra blankets or what I do is put a small sleeping bag inside a bigger one, and then an extra fleece blanket on top for when it’s really cold. The thin fleece blanket really helps to seal off the gaps at the top. I camp in sub zero weather and warm as can be with this method, however getting up to pee not so much.
    Like the blog. I’m a fellow Geo owner and MMM fan.

  2. Some Art Teacher says:

    That’s good to know! I will have to get a foam pad.. We were right on a sheet on the ground. SOoooo cold! I also like the idea of a fleece blanket so I can double it for house use. I can’t keep that many sleeping bags though..

    Thank you for the compliment and I can’t wait to update with Geo info!

  3. The DC says:

    LOVE camping (tent OR the camper/travel trailer)! I often load up (to get away,myself) the Jeep with touring/mtn bike and camping gear,drive somewhere I’d not normall yget to ride/camp,and spend the weekend riding/exploring/relaxing (and of course,as a family,we try to drag the camper somewhere as often as possible too ^_^ ).

    Matter of fact,the Wife,son and I (daughter doesn’t want to go,and her being 17 and with good trust-worthy neighbors,we’ll let her stay home) are going Jeep-camping next weekend (9-13 and 9-14-14) to an OHV park in KY (tent camping,where we off-road/4 wheel-it to a remote place,set up camp and have at the camping 😉 ). 😀

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