Residual Organization for the Win

This is going to be short..

because this week is terribly long..

and I’m sleepy..



I had to share. As a teacher, each year our area competes in a competition that is paper form heavy. Every year they give us the forms before school starts and they are to magically reappear in time for the competition in pristine condition out of the mess of our artrooms. I have always struggled to find mine in the past so this time, I took them home with me. When it was time to find them, I started to panic. After all, my apartment has gotten a bit messy when I was looking the other way. Before I worked myself up into one of my throwing stuff and cursing fits, I thought about where I would have put these papers for school and looked in the closet with the stuff for school. I’ll be damned.. They were right there. Right where they were supposed to be.. Where I put them. These entry forms and number tags were unwrinkled, unstained and not sullied by preteen art supply covered hands.

Oh it was wonderful.

So.. as I finish out this busy week of total business, I will put up things I take out in remembrance of finding my contest forms. I will savor the joy of one less stress as I take on the battles of paper work and grades and celebrate my students successes that make all the paper work (or at least most of it) well worth filling out.

and now..

for sleep. Goodnight all..

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  1. Aileen says:

    That’s awesome! That’s what it’s all about. Making life simpler and more stress free. Congratulations.

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