Cleaning out the Fridge

I was looking in my refrigerator today and noticed just how full the apartment fridge is. I dutifully cleaned it out. I was a bit surprised to see how wasteful I have gotten.

  • leftover pho (should have been another meal)
  • Cajun Pasta from Chilies (at least one but probably 2 meals)
  • A pound of bacon
  • A decent bunch of cabbage

Such a food waster these days! To be fair, my wonderful man gives me all of his food leftovers which means I tend to eat like a queen and don’t always make it to eating the food leftovers that I don’t want. (like Cajun pasta). It will mean that once I move in an RV, my mind will need to rewire itself to not buy groceries if I am also getting leftovers.

RV refrigerators seem to be about 2ft by 2 ft by 3 ft at 12 cubic feet. I got that number by shopping RV fridges online and looking at ones that would fit in the small style RV’s I am shopping for. I am going to need to go grocery shopping twice a week to keep that stocked for cooking I believe. I want to be able to see all that I am using for cooking easily and access the ingredients for meals better. I also will have to limit the leftovers that I keep from my wonderful man. If I don’t want Cajun pasta and he doesn’t want his pasta, then we will leave it at the restaurant. If I do want it, I need to change it into a nice sized container that I can see through so I get around to eating it within a reasonable amount of time.

I am about to embark on another round of dieting with doctors assistance so I will be keeping a lot less in my fridge starting around Wends. I will have enough that is my wonderful man wants to come over and eat, I can cook him up a nice meal. I just have to balance that with how much I can eat in a week before it goes bad.

On a different note, I haven’t been posting my pictures of my apartment lately because I have made almost no progress cleaning things. This week is going to be frantic at work so I am sure I will not get much done but.. regardless of what it looks like, I will once again post pictures of the rooms and begin the cleaning process. I have just been kind of overwhelmed with life and feeling lazy when I got home lately. I need to stop that if I want to make my June/July goal of moving into a trailer.

Hope you all have been making progress towards your goals out there!

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3 Responses to Cleaning out the Fridge

  1. Aileen Harding says:

    It’s hard to keep up with everything. I think that’s where building habits comes into play. Automatically putting things into their places can make a huge difference.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I know that plays a factor in it, but first everything must have an unstacked space. If I can accomplish that, I hope to have easier times putting things back after I use it. =)

  2. The DC says:

    It’s unreal how much food gets wasted,you’re not doing so bad,my friend…we waste an unbelievable amount with a teen and pre-teen in the house,ugh :/

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