Those Damn Selfies

So I have been taking pictures of myself in hopes of feeling like I’m pretty. I’m not really feeling it yet but here is what I have realized..

  • I need to smile in pictures. I love my life. I am happy with most of my choices and feel privileges with my job and with the paths I have picked. My face really needs to work on documenting that for when I look back at myself in the future.
  • I look pretty normal. I kinda always felt like I looked a bit pigish. Turns out that is not the case. I’m a pretty normal looking human being here. Good to know.
  • I don’t think that taking pictures of myself will improve my self esteem. I tend to be over critical and then when I take a picture I like, I attribute the looks to makeup or a random good hair day or an amazing angle. That a brain thing. Gotta get the brain to shut up long enough to learn how to love myself.

So, Without further ado… Selfies

This weekend, I will work on taking better selfies… because after all, self love and acceptance is part of the freedom I seek.

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2 Responses to Those Damn Selfies

  1. Imber says:

    This is a great post, but there is one issue..

    You don’t look ‘normal.’ You’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, inside and out!

    I hope one day you see yourself the way others see you!

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Awe thank you so much Imber! I think it is partially a cultural issue. I see all of these models wearing what I wish I could wear with this stunning hair that is clearly carefully styled and I compare it to myself..

      except I have a new pretty. Real women that haven’t been photo-shopped to an extreme but are still stunning. I want to look stunning like a pole dancer! Strong and confident and able to do neat things like not die after climbing up a pole. like this young woman. =)

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