Fitbit Force Review

I ordered a fitbit force. If you have been following my blog you have seen some of my struggle with my weight and trying to get it where I want it and keep it there and how that has lead to a somewhat unhealthy amount of stepping on the scale and ignoring my actual health.

In my attempt to bring in the new year with a healthier focus and not just a pounds focus, I purchased this cool little fitness tracker . This little tracker links to my ipad, phone, and computer. I use it to track calories and water intake at the moment while it tracks my workouts and steps I take daily all on it’s own.

Positives- I love the fact it looks so modern.. It almost looks like a tracker from the future. It also comes in many colors now! The Force syncs fast with the computer and with all of the programs for easy tracking.  I love that it tracks my calories and that I won’t feel the need to pay for weight watchers anymore. I like that it keeps track of the hours I am asleep so when I feel off, I can look down and see why. I love that it has an active min section. The dashboard is easy to use and access.

Negatives- It was a bit pricier than I thought it would be. I would have liked it to tell me when I started having active mins, like an active mins alert. Fully customization goals but to change any of the goals, you have to search for a bit. Silent alarm isn’t so silent. If you hear a cell phone vibrate, you will hear this.

Overall, I am enjoying using my fitbit to find ways to be healthy. I don’t have to force myself to remember that part of gaining freedom is the physical ability to do all of the hiking and exploring I would like to with out the fear of my knees or back not functioning like they should.

And now, to bed because the fitbit says I haven’t been getting enough restful sleep… and I’m sick as a dog. =)

Stay healthy and take care

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2 Responses to Fitbit Force Review

  1. Some Art Teacher says:

    Not as in love as I was with my fitbit anymore. It has not consistently picked up my active mins and picks up the vibration in my car as steps. To be fair, my car does vibrate fiercely, but I would have hoped that it would be able to somehow catch that.

    Either way, It still stays on my wrist everyday and does some good keeping tract of my general active moments.

  2. Eric says:

    Got interested and went to the linked website. Apparently the maker has had a few complaints and decided to have voluntary recall. Too bad, sounds like a neat product.

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