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Pencil Painting

Good day! I have been reabsorbed by my artwork these days. I have hit a moment of creativity that has been a bit hard to pull myself away from. Aside from random ideas pounding in the corners of my brain, … Continue reading

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Cool Brains

As a teacher, 8 have the benefit of going to some pretty cool brain development lectures. Most of them are geared on how students learn and what we can do to help them learn better. Friday, I went to one … Continue reading

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I disappeared, sorry.

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You know when you wake up and you just want to get the hell out? Not like check out of life but need a break from everything right then and there? That happened to me Wends. I wanted so much … Continue reading

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Residual Organization for the Win

This is going to be short.. because this week is terribly long.. and I’m sleepy.. but..   I had to share. As a teacher, each year our area competes in a competition that is paper form heavy. Every year they … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the Fridge

I was looking in my refrigerator today and noticed just how full the apartment fridge is. I dutifully cleaned it out. I was a bit surprised to see how wasteful I have gotten. leftover pho (should have been another meal) … Continue reading

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Those Damn Selfies

So I have been taking pictures of myself in hopes of feeling like I’m pretty. I’m not really feeling it yet but here is what I have realized.. I need to smile in pictures. I love my life. I am … Continue reading

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Fitbit Force Review

I ordered a fitbit force. If you have been following my blog you have seen some of my struggle with my weight and trying to get it where I want it and keep it there and how that has lead … Continue reading

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Losingstuffgainingfreedom, Laundry matt edition

From your friendly local Laundry matt, As I have grown older, I have lost some of the creature comforts I grew up with. My parents are very affluent. My father has worked for a company that, at least until recently, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

2014 welcome, 2013 goodbye! I hope 2014 will be filled with as much love and happiness as 2013. May our friendships stay strong and our families stay healthy. May we all continue to grow and become better people than we … Continue reading

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