Spring Break Trips

Hey all!

As a teacher in Texas, I am going to get a week off in mid March for spring break. In the past I have used this time to relax or I have hit the road to visit friends that live a bit far from me. Once.. I went to the British Isles.. that was cool.

This year for spring break, I have decided I need a vacation. Like desperately need a vacation. Thanksgiving break was full of driving to other peoples things and places to celebrate with them and as much as I was happy to see them all, I felt more worn down after the trips than before the trips. Christmas I was woefully neglectful of my family as I took some mornings to myself just to get a small breather. Wonderful family that flew in from New York to Houston mind you.. so not just people who had taken a little trek but people who have more than gone out of their way to be a part of Christmas. I felt selfish for taking that time but dreadfully needed it. Still though, I felt unable to escape from all the tasks I have waiting for me here at home. I am constantly struggling to imagine a smaller space and trying to go through things. Even as I sit here writing my blog I am wondering if the big bean bag my feet rest on will ever find a home.

So… vacation away from my apartment is needed. I told my wonderful guy and he is on board for a vacation as long as it is not where other spring breakers are going to party. The “No Kids” mentality that he has going on is very understandable and plays into my needed to be calm and rest for a bit. We both were looking at plane tickets and were a bit surprised at the high cost of flying and after seeking advice from my family I have decided. I will plan and pack for a week long camping trip in my parents pop up trailer. The cats will be prepared to come with as a trial period to see how much they will love/hate living in that kind of space. I will also be setting aside a bit on money for a plane ticket. If some last min deal of awesomeness manages to pop up, my guy and I will drop off the kittens at his mothers house and board a plane to where ever. (I have an up to date passport and all) If nothing we want to do shows up, we will probably camp towards the McDonald observatory or some neat state park that doesn’t fill up to much during the break.

My wants are

  • A place I can rest and maybe actually draw/watercolor paint
  • Somewhere with hiking trails
  • A place I can use my camera
  • must have showers and bathrooms since the camper doesn’t

My understanding of the guys wants

  • somewhere without pesky wild kids
  • somewhere without to many people
  • somewhere he can lounge
  • not to hot

It may add to my general unsatisfied feeling that this is probably the longest that I’ve had a car I don’t feel comfortable taking long road trips in. I feel tied down to Houston area and I don’t enjoy it. As good as the friends I have made are and as much fun as I have, I still want to get out on the road and see new things. There is just something about being on the interstate with the windows down, listening to oldies and knowing that when the sun comes up again, you’ll be looking at a different landscape. Some other morning with a new adventure waiting for you.

Is there anywhere ya’ll can recommend? I am located around Houston but am willing to drive a bit or fly if the price is right.

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