A Wonderful Christmas

My family was so good to me this Christmas. I know that having such a limited Christmas list was hard for them (especially since they don’t like giving cash or gift cards). I am very proud of them for resisting the urge to over shop or flood me with small toys to try and fill their goal spending for my Christmas gifts.

There was only a very short few mins when my mother addressed my younger brother and I about our lists. She let us know that they tend to spend quite a bit on us and that if we don’t make our lists better next year, we should expect filler items. I am not sure if she was serious or speaking out of a moment of frustration but I will make sure next year to have put more on my list.

To generate a Christmas list that is a bit more appealing to those who want to give me more expensive items I am going to take more things into consideration next year.

Great things to give people who are not looking to add to their stuff…

  • Tickets to events around the area
  • upgrades to cameras they may have
  • a digital camera if they don’t have one so they can get rid of the old ones
  • consumable goods like fancy spices or flavored salts
  • consumables like their favorite foundation or perfume
  • fancy sonicare toothbrush (everyone needs one) or replacement heads cause they are pricey
  • I listen to audio books and appreciate them as gifts.
  • If they are health nuts, neat flavored nuts or dehydrated fruits
  • If they aren’t, fancy chocolates, liquors or their favorite drinks
  • Nice athletic socks so your favorite person and get ride of their icky ones and have one weeks worth of nice ones
  • a nice pen (pretty and refillable)
  • services like massage days or pedicures or for men, a barber day where they actually do a hot towel treatment and razor shave.

Basically, the goal is to either get something that will be an upgrade to something that they use frequently and might wear out, tech upgrades that they may have not paid for, consumable goods that are a fancy treat that they wouldn’t buy for themselves or experience that they may have not have seen or services they may not have chosen to spend money on.

The best thing that you can do for someone who isn’t collecting stuff is to go see them. Make time for them in your day and actually go see them. I have been gifted with visits from many of my family and absolutely love getting to see them. This year, I may not have shown it as well but I will make sure that my thank you cards express my gratitude thoroughly.


I hope you all had wonderful Christmas time!

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