Losing Stuff, Raffle Style

Hello all!

I just found one of the most fun ways to lose stuff! I have been working on trying different rewards systems for students in my classes. Since in public schools, we don’t effectively punish, we have to find a way to effectively reward if we want student behavior to improve. Here’s what I’ve tried..

Food Rewards- I don’t like this with sweets and junk food although that’s the cheapest way. I feel that we already set our students up for nutritional failure and don’t want to continue that. They love fresh fruit but I can’t afford to do that often enough to make it my rewards system.

Small prizes- I was doing this as a group rewards on fridays. The students that’s group did the best that week could dig through a prize box and get prizes. Results were mixed. Students liked it most the time but it took waaaay to long and I’d forget to take care of them some friday so I discarded that.

Raffle tickets- This I like. I brought in 12 items from my discard/donate/sell stack at the house and put them in a glass display case. My students were handed raffle tickets to put the item number they wanted and their name. They dropped them in a large container and yesterday I pulled the names of the 12 winners. This one was great because the whole 3 weeks they were excited, they competed for raffle tickets and I could give out as many as I wanted. It also helped me find good homes for items that i was ready to get rid of so cost me absolutely nothing.

Items I put in

  1. 2 glass paned jewery boxes
  2. 1 game, Apples to Apples:Party Edition
  3. 1 game, Ice Cream Truck
  4. 1 Glow in the dark mask
  5. 1 Plastic skull goblet from Halloween (cute)
  6. 1 Collectors edition Arowen doll from Lord of The Rings
  7. 1 Tall Porcelain doll dressed like a bride
  8. An owl shaped soft hat
  9. A Heated Massage Chair Pad
  10. 2 little wooden drawing models (grouped)

I was going to originally donate most of these items. The chair pad was going to go on Craigslist. I feel like giving them away to my students though was much much more fun and gave them a bit of a Christmas present. I plan to do this twice more this year. One that I will pull right before spring break and one that I will pull right before summer. I am looking forwards to digging out more stuff to put in those donation bins since I can now imagine the looks of excitement about what they can win.

Hope you all are doing well! Happy early holidays.

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  1. Ashley Druve says:

    Nice idea. I love that it achieves two purposes in one go. Have a Very Merry Christmas also.

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