RSS Reader and Baking

Hey all,

I want to enjoy reading blogs but I don’t like the wordpress reader, I thought I had some blogs saved on there but they keep not showing the updated posts. I am frustrated because I don’t want to have to click through all my bookmarks to check out the blogs I like to read but I just can;t seem to use this wordpress reader correctly.

What I want from my reader

  1. scrolling through blog posts instead of having to follow the link
  2. being able to follow links in new windows for relevant issues
  3. to either have it update itself or to be easily updated
  4. I don’t know what else I need. In this vast world of blogging, I am still a newbie. Does anyone use a reader? Which one do you use? What are the cons of the reader you use?

On another note, I have the delisious smell of strawberry bread floating through my house. I made four loaves for Christmas presents for some friends. I am hoping that bit by bit I can get all of my baking done in the evenings and enjoy the smell of Christmas goodies all week long. 

This year I plan to bake/make

  • Strawberry loaves
  • stain glass candy
  • sugar cookies
  • dehydrated zucchini
  • kale chips

I’d really love to make taffy and do a taffy pull but i have to have friends interested in participating. I haven’t asked the group I hang out with now but I can only think of two that may really enjoy it and one of those is allergic to cats so she can’t come over to my house.

It just looks like so much fun! Hopefully I can mention it to my guy and he will try a small amount with me. I think that would be a great weekend activity. 

Well, off to go make the second batch of bread. Please let me know what reader you guys are using so I can keep up with you better. =)

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    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I will have to double check with my mother to make sure they are not some family secret but if she gives me the ok, I will type them right up for you and attach a picture. =)

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