Christmas Shopping Online, Not So Golden

Well damn.

I was soooo proud of myself for getting all of my shopping done early. I had just been missing two peoples gifts because they were a bit later than the rest getting us their wish list. As soon as they sent me their list, I hoped onto Amazon and ordered the items they wanted plus a few stocking stuffers for gifts I wanted to fluff up a bit more. Feeling proud of myself, I patiently waited to start bagging presents and adding the final pretty touches to my gifts. They have been pouring in through the last few days and I have been bagging away and storing in the closet so that they have no chance of a catatrophy since my little fuzzy felines love to rip packaging. Today, after wrapping the last of the early list makers, I went to check on when the last few packages would arrive.

Damn Damn Damn. I sent around $80 of stuff to the wrong address. Not just the wrong address, but the wrongest of the wrong addresses. I could have accidently sent them to my parents house, correctly sent them to my current apartment, or sent them to my old college rental house. Guess which one I sent them to.. Yeah, the rental house. I don’t live in the same area of Texas as my old house. It would take 6 hours one way just to go pick up my packages after they were delivered even if I had friends in that area near enough by to collect them for me. I actually had removed this address from my amazon account the same night after noticing it was still there.. but alas, not in time.

So, I call up LLC. They tried to tell me that no one would accept the items because they have my name on them and not theirs. Apparently once the item has entered United States Postal Service, Amazon will not have anything else to do with it, even if they are inside your account and looking to make sure you are the one that places the order. Amazons worker told me that no one would accept a package that wasn’t to them am that the item would be returned to Amazon in no time and they would reship it to me. I sure hope they are right. I have the tracking numbers for my boxes and I will be watching to see if they are received and signed for. If so, I will recontact Amazon and see where to go from there. I have a change of address form filed with the USPS so hopefully, when no one receives the package, they will check their computers and notice my change of address form. If they do not, I don’t know how long it will take to sort out this mess with Amazon. 

I am mainly surprised at their lack of control to a package that has entered the USPS. I would have thought they could cancel a package even after they sent it with the assumption that they still already paid shipping.

Anyway, wish me luck tomorrow as the first two packages are supposed to arrive. I will be calling and redirecting them if the first delivery fails. Meanwhile I will pout about my mistake and feel cross that there isn’t some easy fix-it button somewhere on Amazon that says reroute.

How is your holiday coming along? Do you order gifts for people in your homes or do you have different traditions?


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  1. adruve says:

    Good Luck. When I first started working at my current work (over 250 full time teaching staff) I ordered some books from Amazon that got returned to Amazons as the receptionist did not recognize the person they were addressed to. After that I had my name and the department put on each package. Amazon resent them as soon as they arrived back in the US. Those books went across the Pacific ocean 3 times.

    I hope it all works out for you.

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