Christmas Presents, oh no!

This year is the second year that I have had an extremely hard time making a Christmas list. As I have been paring down my items, I haven’t found many things I am missing. My family tends not to give gift cards (they feel it’s tacky) and my trailer isn’t exactly in the small gifts price range. I looked at my list of things I use each day and things I missed having to generate the best possible list for me and with a slightly shameful tone, I asked for the things I know I actually want.

I mean, it’s not like my family goes all out and has to buy sparkly shoes, singing raindeer, giant blow up Santas ect for Christmas. My faimly has always had beautiful but less .. dramatic..?. Christmases. We have always been gifted with fun, thoughtful, and sometimes really creative gifts. Many times my parents will purchase something that follows a passion of ours for our gifts (an easel, a nice camera, a great keyboard) and sometimes it is items that we really need and are may have trouble choosing to afford (car tires, tool boxes). Our aunts have gifted us with all sorts of neat gadgets and gizmos and my grandparents usually found/find something that is beautiful and somewhat formal or a life skills item (financial books =) ) that we can enjoy. Many times I also receive Cashmere gloves or cute hats (I used to collect hats and I do still wear a pair of these). This year though, I almost feel like a Grinch as I ask for

  1. Dinner Dish Cradle (these are wonderful and will carry into the trailer)
  2. Salad Dish Cradle (also wonderful and will carry into the trailer)
  3. Adjustable Measuring spoon (exactly these please)
  4. Nice kitchen Ladle (this one is pretty..?)
  5. Manual Can Opener (like this, notice all parts are metal)
  6. Pyrex 12 pc storage dish set
  7. Coated under the shelf hanger (I’d love 2 of these)
  8. Velvet thin hangers
  9. Drying rack 
  10. Classic white pearl necklace with earrings. Nice, think work

If they did gift cards I would have asked for some for the places I enjoy eating at but I do understand where they are coming from. I also know that giving practical gifts sometimes isn’t always as fun. I gave my guy a nice set of sheets for his birthday. I had no idea what to get a man who can buy whatever he wants except to buy him something he doesn’t yet know he wanted, so I bought his sheets. NIIICE sheets. He loves them now but watching him open sheets was not nearly as fun as watching him open a Zombie Survival Kit a good friend had given him. I know he loves the sheets and all but.. yeah

Somewhere in there, we have started making gift giving about gifts that people don’t need. Luxury items that can be fun and fill time but aren’t items we actually need day to day (cept the tires.. I really needed those tires). I am thankful that my family understands that I am trying to pair down and accepts that I may know what I am getting for Christmas but I do really hope they understand how much pleasure it gives me when I can look at an item I am using daily and think of them. This year…. This year thank you cards will be actually mailed out. I have already bought stamps and collected cards and envelopes. I have addresses my aunt provided me with and I am going to preaddress and get stamps on early. I want to voice how wonderful it is to think of my aunt when I am making chili and using a ladle or my mom and dad when I am hanging clothing on my drying rack instead of coating my living room in damp laundry. If I can come any where near showing them how I feel, maybe it will make up for the fact that I am opening something practical instead of a glitter covered, icon embellished sketchbook. (no, no one has ever done that to me.)


I am now fondly remembering the fake snow that one of my aunts gave us one year. That was so neat that this year I saw some in the store and bought it to show my students.. very cool stuff.

What is your favorite useful gift to get? What was your favorite just for fun gift someone has given you? As you get older, does your list continue to get more and more practical? I’m starting to wonder if the gifts I want will always look boring to other people.

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