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Spring Break Trips

Hey all! As a teacher in Texas, I am going to get a week off in mid March for spring break. In the past I have used this time to relax or I have hit the road to visit friends … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Christmas

My family was so good to me this Christmas. I know that having such a limited Christmas list was hard for them (especially since they don’t like giving cash or gift cards). I am very proud of them for resisting … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night!

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Expensive Kitchen Toys

So… I have a dehydrator. There was a time when I was eating raw foods. For me that meant foods only heated up to 115 degrees. I did raw food for about a month before I decided that it was … Continue reading

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Losing Stuff, Raffle Style

Hello all! I just found one of the most fun ways to lose stuff! I have been working on trying different rewards systems for students in my classes. Since in public schools, we don’t effectively punish, we have to find … Continue reading

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Cheap Goodies for extra Christmas gifts

The wonders of Christmas gifting for oh so many wonderful teacher friends. I very much care for my fellow teachers and wish I could buy them all the nice things in the world. Unfortunately, if I want to stay anywhere … Continue reading

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Losing Stuff, Around My Middle

I made a decision to lose weight and get healthier a few years after I was done with college. I felt self conscious, unhappy, unhealthy and like I needed some changes in my life. I wasn’t sure why I was … Continue reading

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RSS Reader and Baking

Hey all, I want to enjoy reading blogs but I don’t like the wordpress reader, I thought I had some blogs saved on there but they keep not showing the updated posts. I am frustrated because I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping Online, Not So Golden

Well damn. I was soooo proud of myself for getting all of my shopping done early. I had just been missing two peoples gifts because they were a bit later than the rest getting us their wish list. As soon … Continue reading

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Over scheduled, under enthused

There is this mentality that we must always be doing something. I think it comes from our hurry scurry lifestyles but I feel like it is only exasperated by our instant Internet connections, drive through food chains, cell phones and … Continue reading

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