Artemis, Fun, Cheap and Takes No Extra Space

So, if you read Mondays post, I mentioned that I spent some time in a room where people were playing Artemis. What is Artemis, some of you may be thinking. It’s only the coolest use of technology I’ve seen in a long time.

Imagine Star Trek, now imagine you are a crew on a Star Trek ship.. That is the game. You are on several devices linked through a router (LAN) and you are playing one (or more) of the roles needed to drive the ship around space. The roles are as follows

Captain- the leader. This person has to hear and process all of the information that his team is constantly giving him and sometimes has to figure out which bases to save and which ones they can’t make it to,

Engineer- this person controls where the ships energy goes via slide bars. They can give the ship that extra 10% that sometimes you have to have to survive. They have to balance all that power with coolant or the ship will overheat and explode.
Communications- this person relays messages to and from other ships and bases. They can also taunt, insult, or demand surrender from their enemies. The other challenge this role has is telling the other ships on your team where to go.

Helm- As the ships driver, you have to be good with directions and constantly alert. Helm also raises and lowers the shields. In battle, this role most converse heavily with weapons and engineering to make sure he is allowing for the torpedoes to be shot for their best advantage.

Weapons- weapons load and unload the torpedoes. They make sure to protect the ship and set the targets for all guns. They must also keep an ear towards science so they know the best type of phasers to set the regular phasers to.

Science- Science scan enemy ships for abilities, shield strength, and weaknesses so the team knows how the battle is going.

Artemis video from YouTube. This can help clarify the game play.

Now, as a person moving into a considerably smaller space, I am beginning to try to figure it fun things friends can do while visiting. Since this $ 40 game comes with the ability to join so many, I can imagine it would be fun to do an evening of Artemis projected onto the side of the trailer and some drinks. It may even be a great way to meet the neighbors!

What do you do outside for entertainment? Would you go to an outside dinner and gaming party?

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