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Good morning!

Have you chosen to skip out of things because, although they sound awesome.. They come at an inconvient time for your budget or general life? I have. Most the time I pass on things, I have no regrets, but every once in awhile, I think I maybe really should just gone anyway.

This weekend was almost a regret. I almost missed going to a board gaming convention because I felt overwhelmed by the whole Thanksgiving break. (All my time is full) I am not going to spend even one full day at rest before plummeting into the last 3 weeks before Christmas break. This was the second time I have ever been to a convention for fun and the first time I’ve been to one so big. Usually at this time, I’ve paid quite a large chunk of money to go to a teaching convention that lately, I haven’t really felt like I was getting much back from. Sure it was full of lessons and theory, but nothing new. This year, I was invited to go to this board gaming convention and, without checking the dates, I agreed. Soo much fun! I played so many new games, I learned a bit more about how you look at a game and identify strategies, I worked on my processing skills and, all the while, enjoyed meeting a few new people and seeing several I remembered from random other parts of life. I had no idea there was so many people who enjoy all sorts of board games.

The main room was a huuuuge hall in the Hyatt hotel. It was full of rows and rows of table, completely full of people gaming. Some of the groups had flags on their tables indicating if they need more players or even if they needed a teacher. Everyone I met was very friendly and I may have been lucky but most of the people I met were also incredibly patient. Most of these games were published and you could check them out from the library.

The library was a room set up with a maze of metal shelves full of games. You checked your bag at the door and could wander through, look at, and pick games that you are interested in playing. when you went to check out, they treated it just like a library book. The sheer number of games was downright amazing but making it more amazing was that all the pieces in the games we were playing still had all their parts. I only checked out one game and didn’t actually play it. I returned it rather quickly after realizing it was a heavy deduction game.

There was two hallways lined with several small rooms. Each of these rooms were full of tables and labeled with themes. I spent some time in the Artimis room (More about that Wednesday) but noticed there was a war games room, a quiet room and a party game room. The rest, I can not remember. There was an event that went on in one of the rooms where they had a version of speed dating but instead of being romantically focused, the goal was to hook up game prototypes with publishers that would be interested in them. Since I am neither a prototype designer or a publisher, I didn’t get in their way.

There was also an area full of vendors playing games with consumers in sales booths. I spent some time in there looking around. I helped out only a little in my guys booth. This area basically just reminded me of a bunch of small stores without pushy sales attendants. I noticed that several of the publishers ran out of expansions of certain games early so many people who were waiting to wheel and deal lost their chances. I am not sure if that was an artificial way to keep demand high or if there just weren’t that many copies available.

For anyone out there that enjoys mainstream board games, I encourage you to look into more games when you are ready to expand. There are more games than I think I could play in one life time and so many of them are worth the extra bit of time you put into learning/playing them.

Overall, this was an amazing experience and I was very glad I went.

Things I’m bringing home
1. Small card game called Red Devils (part of the goodie bag)
2. A box containing 3 card games that will make their way to a smaller convention as a goodie prize
3. A game called Ice Cream Truck for my students to play
4. Kill The Overlord, a party game with roles that rotate

There was a few small give always that I will probably rehome or trash but first, once I am home for more than 12 hours, I need to find 12 to 15 things to rehome. Got to stay ahead of the amount of things going in vs coming out of my apartment.

What tricks do you use to thin out things? Has anyone used the hanger trick?

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2 Responses to Worth the Time

  1. Wow Dee…I had never even heard of a borad game covention until your post. How cool is that!!!

    I have gone to a few comic book conventions when I was younger and I also attended a few Sociology Conferences when I was in that world. I’m glad that you ended up having a good time and that your almost regret turned out to be a no-regret šŸ™‚

    As for thinning things out…I’m gonna be doing that pretty soon as my closets are getting a little too full for my liking.

    Keep us posted and take care. All the best.


    ps: What is the hangar trick?

    • I actually only learned they existed because I started hanging out with avid board gamers. I am feel lucky to have the friends I made these last few years. =)

      The Hanger Trick: (from who knows where on the internet)
      Turn all of your hangers to where the hooks are facing outwards (so backwards) After you use an article of clothing, turn it’s hanger the correct way. If you don’t wear something for a year, donate it. I have also heard some people only wait a couple of months. Now someone else can enjoy them and I can have SPACE. Happy happy!

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