What Was Supposed to Happen..

Tonight’s chore list

  1. pick up things from guys house for the gaming convention I’m flying out to tomorrow
  2. go to the grocery
  3. redye my hair
  4. redo my nails
  5. pack for trip to convention and following trip to grandmothers
  6. set up cats for a loooong weekend and following week
  7. figure out where I’m parking my car at the airport parking lots
  8. vacumn
  9. unload car

What actually has happened so far

  1. Picked up dice
  2. Went to grocery
  3. Dyed Hair
  4. Wrote blog post
  5. packed for convention

.. That’s it. It’s almost midnight and I still have soo much left. At least it’s to late too vacuum?

Hope you guys are doing better keeping up with life today than I am.

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