Dreaming of My Travel Trailer

Good Day Everyone!

I have been having dreams of living in my Travel Trailer.. but.. I keep seeing diffrent trailers. Each time the flavor of the dream is just a bit different.

The 31 foot giant fiberglass Terry Traveler- A monolith of a trailer, traveling across the open road, all of the comforts of home jammed into a long hallway ending in the queen bed and closets on either side. This is where I imagine staying in and inviting friends over. I could curl up in the large chairs that sit in the extra wide living room with the slide out pushed as far as it can go. Imagining going around corners makes me a bit worried and takes a bit away from the adventure. This is more of a park and live type of trailer.

The 21 foot Explorer– The name it’s self embraces the idea of adventure. Just large enough for a friend to travel a bit along with you then hop off. Enough room for both cats and the potential to drive around the Rocky Mountains. I see this trailer traveling across the USA and maybe some of Canada..

…but the shape and size I most dream of is the 17 ft Casita Liberty. Whizzing along the open roads and turning carefully up and around mountains. No national park would be blocked from me and access to road would only be limited by the amount of backing up I would have to do if I got lost. (Still gotta figure out how to drive when towing).

It’s a fortunate thing that I have a few months to figure all this out. I am defining the dream more and more each month.

What comforts would you not be willing to live without. I know I want a double sink and enough rooms for my knees in the restroom. Other than that though.. clueless..

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2 Responses to Dreaming of My Travel Trailer

  1. Hey Dee. The 17 footer sounds great and is probbaly both economical and practical!

    All I would need is a big bed, a comfy chair, a relatively spacious table and I’d be good to go. of course a shower, small fridge and stove would be welcome as well.

    Take care and all the best.


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