The Importance of Some Things

I wear a wedding band on a finger on my right hand. I am not divorced nor am I widowed. I wear this ring in memory of my late grandmother on my fathers side. This was her band when she was pregnant and couldn’t fit her normal wedding band. After an eight year struggle through cancer, she passed away in 2010.

Today, I lost that ring for quite a while. I can’t even really describe the sinking feeling I had. I had some car trouble this morning caused by low oil. When adding oil, the ring must have fallen off because of the tight squeeze between car parts. I didn’t notice it until after school. I got out of my car at the Steak N Shake store down the road for my normal evening of seeing friends and went to go turn the ring. It’s a move I do somewhat unconsciously after a stressful day. My thumb hit my bare skin. I glanced down in confusion. Then my heart skipped a few beats. I tried to remain calm as I looked at my hand. Maybe I left it at home? Maybe it was in my purse? I have a habit of taking off the ring when doing messy art projects because with my weight loss, the ring has become slightly loose on my hand.

After walking through my day, I realized that the only time it would have escaped was in the early morning when I was working on my car. I had honestly no hope that my ring would still be there and if it was, it must have been ruined by being run over a few times. I went in and sat down, fighting off tears. I visited as best I could and ate a dinner I was no longer hungry for. Then I drove home very early, no longer feeling able to be social.

I turned on my brights as I drove through the spot my car broke down and didn’t see any shiny flash, sniffled a bit, parked the car and went in to grab a flashlight. I just wanted to be sure.

I’ll be damned.. I must be lucky today because my ring had managed not only to quickly catch my eye, but it ended up near the edge of the parking area not squished or anything.

It was a reminder that some things are truly precious to me. They may not be expensive, and some people may not understand the few items I feel connected to but that’s ok. They are the things I hold precious to me.

What do you hold precious to you? What would you do if those items were gone for some reason?

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2 Responses to The Importance of Some Things

  1. imber says:

    I’m so glad you were able to find it!

    I hold on to a lot of clutter in my life of things I could certainly do without. The physical things I would definitely grab if I knew my home were to explode in ten seconds would be my computer and backup drives, too many pictures of life on there. I try my best to back everything up, but I know I should be sure to put the drives in different places (not all in the house) just in case something were to happen!

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