Why I love My Commute to Work

Good Day All!

I have been working on trying to maintain my apartment all week. I was gone for the weekend and parts of my apartment look like a tornado hit it. With so few hours in a day.. I am trying to reclaim the areas I feel like I’ve lost. This struggle, plus the positive notes on facebook have lead me to remind myself of what I am thankful for. 

Today, I wanted to discuss commuting and why I love it.. My drive to work takes about 35 mins on a good day, on a bad day it can take up to 45 mins. Still though..I enjoy my drive to work. I listen to the news until around the time my mother wakes up, then I call her. There is a wonderfulness about being able to talk to your mom every morning. Sometimes we are just jabbering, filling space, but sometimes we are re-centering, grounding back on what’s important to us. If she isn’t available, I tend to listen to audio books to wake up for the day. And the view… I love seeing the sun come up in the morning. It’s like the whole world is waking up bit by bit to embrace the day.

On the way out of work, I make sure to stop and say hi to the other teachers. As long as I leave by 5 then I don’t hit the super long traffic lines (1.5 hours). I get ready in the car, music nearby and audio book set to play and prepare for a slow drive home. Most days, it takes an hour. Here’s the trick folks. I don’t rush it. I don’t need to whip in and out of traffic. I don’t even need to be in the fastest traveling lane. I stay in the middle or on the right side and let those with time needs pass me by. I don’t have to worry about as many of them whipping in front of me because I am out of the way and the other cars around me seem to have the same kind of calm determination that keeps us all safe and gets us through bad traffic to go home. When it’s been a particularly long day, I put on 80’s happy music. This just kinda helps me relax and not bring all those frustrations back into my apartment. And If I happen to be a super lucky lady, the sky looks like it did yesterday. To get to see such beautiful clouds lined with gold all the way home.. and all that texture up there. Each cloud set seemed to either be rows of fluffed cotton, stretched out cotton candy or splatters of bight lavender as the sun light worked it’s way across the sky. It really can be a spectacular sight.

I wish I could communicate that to people who think I’m nuts when I say I don’t mind my commute. It’s kind of hard to work how wondrous and peaceful that time can be if you just let go of the stress of getting home into a five min work conversation. While they give me the oh poor you look, I think to myself about what they are missing and I hope they are enjoying the extra time they get from not commuting.

What are some of the odd things you enjoy that you feel other people might be missing out on? If you don’t have a long commute, how do you spend your extra time?

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