RV living, the questions keep growing

Good Morning!

I have been thinking back on my plans to move into an RV by the end of Aug. I have so many questions I need to work on answering..


So… since my internet outage, I have been wondering how people living in rvs have internet. How they keep it when they move constantly? How much does it cost to have portable internet? Am I going to have to raise my monthly basic living expenses up? I want to make sure I take all of this into account when I start making plans on moving Best reference I have seen so far has lead me to believe the best option for me would be a hot spot. I want internet but don’t need jet speed fast internet (since I grew up with dial up). My concern is that I won’t be able to get internet each night. So the question becomes, do I really need internet each night? If I don’t, can I just exists off of the free WiFi that is so prevalent in the city.. or am I in need of my own WiFi for feeling like I am living a normal life.


There’s a big difference between a 27 ft trailer and a 17 ft trailer. I keep thinking the space would be wonderful but when I do the walk through I noticed that the larger trailers seem to loose space by adding bunk beds and walls. I don’t really need the extra beds or the dividers. I need a place to sleep but it can be in the main room. I want a door on the restroom cause.. yeah.. I would like a place to mount my monitor. I do need places to put my clothing that I keep. So some sort of closet or under the bed storage would be nice.


If the intent is still to be able to move around in the summer, I will need to replace my little geo metro. This would be the first time I would be taking such a big loss on a car. I try to make my car count for $1500 at most a year. With costs of purchase and repair, I should be driving the Geo for one more year. That means I will need to make the next car count for that year. To top that off, I need that car to be able to haul around a trailer of uncertain size and weight. It makes it hard to shop for a car.

Where to park

I want to be near my work place but ideally I can find a trailer park for older retired people. There is also a chance I can find a place that gives me a price break over the summer to be there for is someone has questions or emergencies. I also don’t want to live so close to work that I share a lot with students. I am not always Ms. Teacher and in my line of work, I can be let go on “moral grounds” if someone sees me drinking in the wrong place. Dumb but true.

And every time I turn around, I am thinking of more questions all while trying to clean my apartment. This is going to work.. right? It’s gotta work. I will enjoy this process and move. It’s like vegetables. Good for me but might take a bit to get used to the taste.

Any words of advice guys? Is this a crazy thing to do? Maybe I’m just second guessing myself..

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  1. You won’t know if it’s the right thing for you unless you do it. Then you find out. If it doesn’t work, then you find that out. If now isn’t the right time, then when you do it in the future, you’ll know how.
    Two of the most courageous acts in life are truly committing and actually changing. Everyday you have to reaffirm your commitment, every day you have to choose your new pattern over the old. Eventually habit will form to help you out, but until then, Courage.
    I have known you for a while, and I believe in you.

  2. Internet: If you do get a mobile hotspot, you’ll want to make sure you get one with unlimited bandwidth since you will be streaming movies over the net. It doesn’t take long just browsing the internet to hit the standard 2-5 gig limit on most hotspot plans. The other option is to add tethering to an already existing unlimited data phone plan.

    Vehicle: Is the plan to move your trailer around the country the summer that you get it (next summer) or to park it, live in it throughout the summer and get it ready for road trips and then travel the summer after? If your first summer is settling in and getting everything up and running, then you won’t need a trailer pulling vehicle until 2015’s summer. If the goal is to travel in summer 2014 with the trailer, then yeah, your Geo just won’t handle it at all and you’d need to find something with the towing capability that will handle whatever size trailer you decide on.

    Trailer Size: 17 and 27 foot is a huge difference. Especially for someone with costumes and cats. Are there any 27′ without all the miscellaneous walls and extra bunks, etc? Sort of a Loft trailer?

    • Thank you for the internet help!

      Vehicle- You are totally correct. I don’t need a towing vehical until Spring Break or summer 2015. Good point.

      Trailer size- I haven’t found any yet. When I am around them, I walk through RV places and look at their trailers. I may have to alter one somewhat but I am worried about unbalancing the sucker. I read that that actually really matters in homes on wheels. =)

  3. imber says:

    Yes it is crazy. That doesn’t make it wrong! Anything outside of the norm takes a little bravery. (Sometimes a lot of it!) This is something you have wanted for a long time and I think you’d never forgive yourself if you ‘chickened out’ and didn’t give it a shot! You might be missing the best way for you to live if you don’t try it.

    Did you know you can rent RV’s for a weekend? It might be worth it to rent one of each size, and maybe a middle size, in the time before you decide on what size you would like to purchase. You don’t even have to go anywhere, just spend a little time visualizing where everything would go and see how comfortable you would be in the space.

    I think that any space to be truly yours, requires customization. You will probably want to remodel whatever trailer you end up getting to some extent. I know when I have thought about living in a trailer I would want to get rid of the bunk beds and the built in seating. Since you have mechanical know-how, what you save in that department could be used to make whatever carpentry repairs you don’t feel confident in making yourself.

    I am really excited for you to be on this journey, and want to see you succeed! I also have an extra vehicle that I am about to try to get working again, it could tow pretty much anything, so let me know if you’d be interested in it.

  4. Totally the wrong spots for responses! Sorry about that Imber!

    Your family is proof to me that stepping out of the norm is ok. You have so many wonderful things going for you. Just the amount of time you get to spend with the little one alone is wonderful. I can’t imagine growing up in the way he is right now.

    I am nervous as hell about making my own alterations but since I have so much time to read up on it I shouldn’t be! I am still researching vehicles but since it will be my only one, I may save up and get a relatively new one this time. Going for like only 5 years old. It would be the newest car I ever owned. Ideally, I could get one that used some sort of alternative fuel along with gas.. or maybe diesel. Gotta be some way to get decent gas mileage. I will have to look into it more. (Adding to paper list-look into cars that haul)

    I am enjoying seeing your blog posts btw, Keep it up!

  5. Hey some art teacher, I agree with the above comments. I wonder, are you on any RV forums or have you checked out a bunch of blogs with those who are living the life you envision yourself living?

    Also, check out Rowdy Kittens if you haven’t already. She lives in a tiny home and her experiences may be similar to what you will go through once you make the move.

    As B sates above, do ti and then find out if it works for you or not. if not, then move back to a more “grounded” place and you’ll be good. If it does work for you, you’ll be very happy that you took the plunge 🙂

    Take care and all the best.


    • I am on following some rv blogs and have started watching YouTube videos from some couples that are showing off the rv’s they live in. It has actually been helpful somewhat but I need more of the disaster stories. I’m going to work hard Monday trying to find another blog that follows someone through the transition I am planning on making. That should be very helpful.

      Thank you for the reference! There is a lot similar between what I am trying to do and moving into a tiny house! In fact, that was the first plan. A tiny house and a camper van for summers. I moved away from that because then there would be no one to care for the little house for two months at a time. I wouldn’t want to let renters in only to come back to my little slice of heaven destroyed.

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