Running out of time

Good Morning!

Since I was young, I have felt this sense of time rushing past. Some internal clock ticking telling me I have a limited time here and that it may not be as much time as I expected. To be honest, that sense of time passing by so fast lead me to believe I would never make it to the 27. I am still a bit surprised that I have become an adult some days. This matters only in that there is so much I want to do before I go.

I had the benefit of parents who encouraged me to follow my dreams and told me I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard and planned. When I finally told them I wanted to go into an art field, they were more than supportive as long as I had a plan to create income. I was going to go for a degree in package design but after two years, changed to teaching in hopes that I would actually enjoy those classes. I was correct. Most days, I love teaching. I don’t have many regrets in how I chose to purse my degree. I do wish however, that I had worked more and saved more during college. My parents actually footed the bill for my college (that’s another post) and if I had been wise, I would have worked my arse off making money and either using it to travel or storing it for the future.

I want to travel the world and see all these places and learn about  other cultures. So far, I have been to the British Isle for a week of driving (I didn’t plan it) and I have been to resort Mexico. Not exactly what I had hoped to do with my time. I feel like I have traveled over much of the USA and stayed in tons of our national parks but haven’t seen any of the rest of the world. Originally, this Summer was supposed to be a big vacation somewhere but instead I am hoping to buy my trailer. My hope is with the reduced future expense, I can afford those big vacations without money stress. If I could cut my living expenses down just a bit more… I could save all that much faster.

Trying to create a side income is something I have been looking into lately. I haven’t quite decided that I am ready to venture down that road. It goes back to the limited amount of time issue. I don’t want to spend the nights I have at a job I don’t like so I’d have to find something I enjoy, even after a long day of teaching. I would need to find something that I felt had value so I didn’t feel like I was drumming my head against a wall. It would need to be something that I actually had the skill set to do or a skill set I could learn.

Do any of ya’ll use side incomes? What do you actually do to find those side incomes? Are you getting closer to your goals?

Today I leave you with a quote from my dad (as I remember it) “You are going to be at work 40-60 hours a week, make sure it is either something you really love or a job where you can take the time off and have the money to do what you love.”

Keep chasing your dreams!

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  2. chris says:

    There are programs that foot the bill for travel .Most involve traveling with or supervising high school students . Several exchange programs pay for travel as a perk for placing or supervising exchange students. Also another cheep way to travel is with college programs Kent State and other school have programs .I have done a program with Kent on studying preschools . Good luck on finding inexpensive ways to travel.

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