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Thursday was American Thanksgiving. When we were kids, schools focused on this day as the day Native Americans and Pilgrims sat down and had a giant feast and the pilgrims learned how to survive the winter by copying how the … Continue reading

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Artemis, Fun, Cheap and Takes No Extra Space

So, if you read Mondays post, I mentioned that I spent some time in a room where people were playing Artemis. What is Artemis, some of you may be thinking. It’s only the coolest use of technology I’ve seen in … Continue reading

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Worth the Time

Good morning! Have you chosen to skip out of things because, although they sound awesome.. They come at an inconvient time for your budget or general life? I have. Most the time I pass on things, I have no regrets, … Continue reading

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Dreaming of My Travel Trailer

Good Day Everyone! I have been having dreams of living in my Travel Trailer.. but.. I keep seeing diffrent trailers. Each time the flavor of the dream is just a bit different. The 31 foot giant¬†fiberglass Terry Traveler- A monolith … Continue reading

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What Was Supposed to Happen..

Tonight’s chore list pick up things from guys house for the gaming convention I’m flying out to tomorrow go to the grocery redye my hair redo my nails pack for trip to convention and following trip to grandmothers set up … Continue reading

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The Importance of Some Things

I wear a wedding band on a finger on my right hand. I am not divorced nor am I widowed. I wear this ring in memory of my late grandmother on my fathers side. This was her band when she … Continue reading

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That Shit is Gross

So… Aspartame.. It’s E.coli poop. For real.. I looked it up.. and then kept looking.. and kept looking. I was hoping I was wrong and that this was just internet crazy talk. Eventlly I found the patent. Genetically modified E. … Continue reading

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Why I love My Commute to Work

Good Day All! I have been working on trying to maintain my apartment all week. I was gone for the weekend and parts of my apartment look like a tornado hit it. With so few hours in a day.. I … Continue reading

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Why I Love Commuting

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RV living, the questions keep growing

Good Morning! I have been thinking back on my plans to move into an RV by the end of Aug. I have so many questions I need to work on answering.. Internet So… since my internet outage, I have been … Continue reading

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