Guest post for first months budget

Good day readers,
I am going to steer you all to my hopefully well written guest post.

It is a challenge writing for someone like Bfs. We know each other first and foremost as friends and she is mainly what finally got me motivated enough to start my blog. She is encouraging always and not ever snide or rude about my blog posts ect.. But I also don’t ever know if I have given her enough for her posts. This last time I felt particularly chatty and wrote more than usual, when I apologized if it was a bit to long, she laughed and told me that was a perfect length. Knowing how much shorter my other posts for her blog were, that kinda made me inwardly cringe. Those two other times were way to short then… So it leaves me with questions for people reading my blog…

Would you rather see three longer posts a week? (300-500 words)
Do you like short reading days at all or do you feel cheated?
Do you mind that some days I focus a lot more on personal stuff than just cleaning and budgeting suggestions?

Anywho, please let me know. I would like to make sure you actually enjoy coming to my blog 3 or more times a week and I’m a newbie.

Keep chasing your dreams.

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4 Responses to Guest post for first months budget

  1. Hey Dee…I dropped by BFS and thought what you wrote was exactly what you needed to write. If a post takes a few sentences to say what is on your mind, then that’s exactly what it should be in length. If a post takes over a thousand words to get a point across, then that’s exactly the length it should be!

    When I become interested in a blog…I also become interested in the blogger (hope that doesn’t sound too creepy!). In my opinion, a blog should be an extension of the individual and thus I like the personal touch you add. After all, you aren’t cleaning and decluttering 24/7 are you!? So keep on doing exactly what you are doing and don’t second guess yourself. Write the blog the way YOU want to based on what YOU would like to see on it. Keep in honest, keep it real and keep it YOU. End of rant 🙂

    Take care Dee and all the best.


    • Hello Lyle!
      Thank you so much for your response! I liked the general length of the post I sent her for what we were talking about. I do think you are right, I tend to be a bit abrupt(?) in my conversations and speak in short blurts of everything at once.

      I am not at all offended by your interest in the blogger. I know that I only read blogs that I have a somewhat personal connection with the actual bloggers. I have to feel like it’s people I am reading about and not just a computer screen with words.

      Thank you so much for your support and I will continue keeping it honest and real!

  2. Aileen says:

    I’m enjoying hearing your thought processes and what’s going on in your life….keep it up.

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