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I was reading a Vanessa Runs post today that started me thinking. She talks about the vulnerability she feels as a woman dealing with men who are unnerving. She felt put on guard by men she had been around and how this stole some of her happiness, until she began humanizing the men. This lead her to thinking about how connection requires vulnerability and she linked to Brene Brown’s TED talk. I, being the internet wanderer that I am, followed the link.

Brown discussed a topic close to my heart. How you connect. How you find acceptance and how you embrace yourself so that you can share love to and with others.

So many people have said I am open and honest. In person I have been told I don’t have much of a filter but that it is a good thing. Once I started my blog, I started receiving emails about how raw I am, how I write from the heart. I don’t think I ever really let go completely of the vulnerability that as children we have. That factual, this is how I feel right now, how do you feel right now vulnerability. It’s how I build connections with people. How I walk up to strangers and sometimes make new friends. How my students sense I care about them for more than just a paycheck. It’s the only way to really touch people and share love, and people need it.

People hide in phones and laptops and behind jackets and long bangs and pink hair and angry faces but people need love. They need to talk, to truly connect.

I love riding the greyhound bus because you see the humans connecting. They talk about their lives with strangers. They open up to each other. People leave their baggage with brand new friends so they can run to the restroom for a second. The people who ride the greyhound want to be connected with each other. Ever see that at an airport?

That type of connection, where people realize each other are human, can only happen when you make yourself vulnerable. And it’s dangerous, and you can be hurt, and one day they might find my body in a ditch somewhere beat to hell because for a split second, one of the hundreds of people I have talked to and trusted in my life was a mistake.

but.. I will have been open with hundreds of people. I will have lived a happy life with people I love and hopefully, the trust and openness I offer people will encourage others to do the same and we will discover that we are all human. Most of us aren’t awful. None of us are perfect and everyone of us deserves love.

Over and out,


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4 Responses to Vulnerable

  1. I got two words for you some art teacher…beautiful post!!

    Thank you for reminding us that face to face connecting is not a thing of the past!

    Take care and all the best.


    • Lyle- I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way. I was at a restaurant a few weeks ago and someone got very offended when I greeted them, then proceeded to complain loudly how rude it was when strangers talked to them. I had to bite my tongue not to respond rudely in kind and remind myself that someone who acts that way is either not worth my time or so miserable that it would take more of a time investment than I have atm to make their day happier.It did take a bit of restraint not to turn and say “clearly you are not the one someone should take manner lessons from” but I am proud to say that I didn’t give her the gratification of a response.

  2. Aileen says:

    Connecting and being safe don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Use your common sense, trust your intuition, and go forth and experience the world. Tawanda!!!!!

    • Thank you for your response!

      =) I also believe in intuition. I think that there is something in our brain we don’t fully understand, put there to help keep us safe. I am sad to say though that I think we may have hurt our natural intuition by focusing only on the negative behaviors of a few. I do try and not put myself in direct danger though.

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