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I am a collector of things. I collect books, I collect musical items, I collect clothing and I collect makeup. These days I have to ask myself why I collect the things I collect. I have to figure out if any of it is worth collecting and if any of it gives me happiness. If the value if truly there for me, then I need to find better ways to deal with it.

My books- I love reading. I love short stories and fable and fairytales. I love heavy novels that help the way I view the world, I love the smell of the pages as I flip through them. Since I have began teaching, I haven’t had time to finish more than 3 books a school year. During summer, I usually try to read new material. So the question sits on my mind. Do I bring the rest of my books to half price and get a bit for them? Do I sell them online and catch a few extra bucks or do I keep them, all nestled away on the huge bookshelf in my bed room. I think I am going to review that shelf and pull out the ones I truly love and pull out to glance at every once in a while. The rest can go.

Musical items- I have several flute things, a guitar, a few ocarinas and a violin. I created a display area on the walls for the wind instruments and the violin last year when I realized that I was not getting to see or use my instruments because they were always tucked away. These items do give me happiness and I do pick them up on occasion. I think these are something I am going to have to find a bit of room for,

Clothing and make up are for dressing up. I have some regular clothing but not so much that I feel it’s overwhelming. I, however, have bits and pieces of various costume type things that don’t really match anything else. I don’t want to ditch them but I know that it will be hard at this point to find matching pieces. I will have to think on these things this week and figure out if they are worth the space they occupy for me.

I know everyone has collections. What types of things do you collect. Why do you collect them? How do you know if they are truly worth keeping?

This weeks photo of my new section will have to wait till my ipad wants to upload. Been having some difficulty with it lately.



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  1. Snicker says:

    I tend to collect books, also, so rather than get rid of them at Half Priced when I wanted to cull the collection, I packed them in boxes, and made a trip to my mom’s in Arkansas. She loves to read as much as I do, and her closest library is… pitiful. So, killed two birds with one stone.

    I also collected RPG books, but when I realized that I would no longer enjoy D&D, I gave all the books for that system to a friend who has kids that he wanted to teach how to play. I still collect musical instruments (much like you), and a few RPGs, books and now board and card games, but I think I need to go through my “other” collections and begin culling.

    You truly are an inspiration 😉

    • I love the idea of rehoming items so others can find enjoyment out of them. I will have to start making the give away list for when I move out of here. There might actually be some nicer stuff that I have no intention of storing. =)
      Thank you so much for the suggestion and the compliment!

  2. Tanea says:

    I like to collect ticket stubs from movies and events that I’ve been too. It’s really amazing to open my memory box and just look through a ton of them! Reminds me of good times.

    I really like your blog, by the way!

    • Thank you so much Tanea!
      I used to collect tickets from movies I went to. I gave up when they started giving out the little flimsy paper receipts though. Somewhere in my closet is a small envelope of first date movie tickets including one from The Tuxedo. Those are fond memories but I think that I am going to get rid of them. They don’t take up much of my space, but I also never look at them. If I wanted a house, I would shadow box them with some photos of things I did that year I think. That would be cool!

  3. Cool post some art teacher 🙂

    I used to collect comics when I was a young lad I have a bunch of guitars which I use in various musical settings. I also have all my concert ticket stubs with the exception of my first two shows when I was 14 🙁

    I also have a bunch of Batman merchandise which I like a lot.

    I try not to collect much anymore given my more simple ways, but I’m not against collecting things if they bring you happiness and value to your life.

    And I also saw The Tuxedo when it first came out in the theaters. It was a fun movie!

    Take care and all the best.


    • Good Evening Lyle!
      Lol I got my first french kiss at the end of the Tuxedo! I was so shocked that the poor guy stuck his tongue in my mouth that I bit down. Lol! It’s one of the reason I saved the ticket though.

      I am trying not to collect more stuff but I’m noticing that even my digital data is growing… Albums and pictures and links and websites.. Soo much info. So much stuff.

  4. Hey some art teacher…you made me literally LOL 🙂

    I remember going on a date with a girl who I had asked many times before and always with a polite “no” as a response. Finally one day she said “yes” and so a couple of days later we went to a movie. I forget which one.

    However, as fate would have it, I lost my voice that afternoon and couldn’t make a sound. Luckily I had a small notebook on me, the pen and paper kind since this was in the late 1970’s, and I communicated with her via writing…maybe the first texting to happen between two people? Anyhoo, she also responded by writing her responses back to me…I still have that little notebook and should scan it and send her a copy. I’m sure she’d get a kick out of it!

    Oh and welcome to my world of owning too much digital data…but it’s all good 🙂

    Take care and I hope all is well.


  5. Do socks count? Also different kinds of tea. I also have books. I used to collect the books because I just kept what I bought. Then 5 months ago I just started going through them asking “Do I have to have this?” then taking the excess to Half-Price. I keep business reference and professional reference books, and the fiction that I love reading. I am attached to about 3 boxes worth of books at last check but I may be more drastic with the next cut. I want to talk to the local library here about book donations and what they consider lendable. My ambition is to buy, read, then donate, so that I can have access to the books through the library later if I really want them again.
    Tea, I need to drink more of.
    As to socks, there will be a winnowing, soon.

    • Good evening!

      I count socks but I have a very limited space goal I am going for. I have 12 pairs of socks. exactly. If they make you happy though, they may be worth the space, =)

      I like half price because I like the little bit of extra spending cash I have been getting. I also am a bit jaded from when my local library culled all the older books and the multiple copies out so they could have more spacious walkways. I loved the dusty old smell of used books, well loved by generations of readers..
      Tea, I consider a consumable, but I also have more teas that I can reasonably consume in a month. humm… I think that you have lead me to a new personal challenge. Tea once a day till it’s gone.

      lookie there, you’re helping me be healthier. Thank you!

  6. Aileen says:

    Now that I am “over the hill” I am trying very hard not to collect anymore. When I see things that I admire and want I try to think where they would be displayed. If there isn’t a perfect spot in my house, then someone else is sure to be able to find a perfect spot of their own and enjoy that item so much more.
    That being said, there are several boxes of memento’s, etc. stashed all around the house that I can’t bear to part with…especially the ones with drawings, cards and certificates from my children. The older I get, the more precious these things become.

    • Good Evening Aileen,
      One of my great worries is that something will happen to me and my stuff will be a burden to the people I love. After seeing a close friend go through her fathers passing, I realized how many sad/bad emotions get tied together with stuff.. I don’t want to leave all that to those I leave behind. I want each piece I leave to either be precious to me or to the people who have to deal with it.

      Or functional items that can go to Goodwill of course.

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