Skeletons in the closet

Good Evening Everyone!

In the spirit of Halloween season, I am going to share my oddest item I had in my closet with you. I have a large, deep walk in closet in my bedroom. The kind that movies always show someone disappearing into and finding the perfect outfit to wear to that job interview or wedding. If my closet was in a movie however, the movie would have to be a comedy. The main character would go into the dream closet looking for a dress, the upper shelves would dump camping gear on them and then as they were trying to make a hasty retreat, a small stack of wigs and a hoop skirt would cause them to slip. As they struggled to regain their balance, they would reach forward and pull a kayak on top of them. Knocked out, they would be forgotten by their friends until the next morning, missing out on a wildly crazy bar night. All because there was a 5ft kayak sitting unused in the back corner. 

This kayak is my skeleton in my closet. It sits there in the back looming. A solo monument to the task of finding more active hobbies that I enjoy so that I actually work out while having fun. I was dating another wonderful gentleman at the time and he and I took a kayak tour, fell in love with the trip and after I searched for a few months, we purchased two used kayaks for $75 each. Both these kayaks are worth more that $200 in the condition they are currently in so that was quite a bargain. We took them out a total of 2 times. He was going through some family stuff that kept him away a bit and I wasn’t interested in going by myself so I moved mine out of the way and up. There the kayak stood as we came to terms with the fact our relationship wasn’t going to work. It loomed there as I had to accept that I pretty much lost a close friend because we tried to date and see if we could fall in love. As I navigated all of my grief and guilt it towered over my every morning. Always ever present in the back 2 foot by 5 foot corner of my closet. As of last week though, it’s gone!! I finally decided that I was never going to use it enough to make it worth the hassle of storing and so I put an add on craigslist. 2 days later some young men stopped by and carted that sucker off. I not only got rid of a massive shadow in my life, but I sold it for more than I paid for it and applied that money to cover my expenses at the Texas Renaissance festival! I hope the kayak gets to go to the water more with it’s current owners. It was actually a pretty little thing. 


Do you guys have any skeletons in your closet? Do items connect you to the past in negative ways instead of positive ways. If so, why keep them? Are they ever worth the hassle? I’m looking at gifts from past loves/likes and beginning to wonder if I should start chucking those out.


Keep Dreaming, 

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2 Responses to Skeletons in the closet

  1. Hey some art teacher and thanks for sharing a fun post with us all 🙂

    My “closet skeletons” so to speak are actually bags and bags of Christmas cards and birthday Cards I have received over the years from my late mother and my still alive sister. I have kept all the cards given to me since I was a young man and every now and then feel like chucking them all…but for some reason, I cannot.

    I’ve read all the tips and tricks associated with this “issue” but for the moment I am not doing anything about it. I assume that one day I will but that day seems so far ahead in the future. Mind you, they are out of the way so are not a bother nor a disruption in my life.

    Take care and thanks again. All the best.


    • I would get those in binders with clear sheaths if I were you. Then when you felt like you missed them or wanted to remember, you can flip through them like a photo album. I love cards and still saved a few. I have two from my grandmother who has passed that are very precious to me and they don’t take up much space at all.

      I am about to write my monday posts about collections! Thank you and take care =)


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