Another Truth

Good day all!,

Today I am going to let you in on a secret. Even if I finish cleaning all my rooms the way I have been, there is still no way I can fit in a trailer.. This is something I am coming to terms with. Still, I need to get all the rooms clean before I can start to narrow down my possessions more. It seems incredible to me that I still have all of these things after the binge cleaning I did last summer. Last summer there was at least two moving boxes full of stuff leaving my apartment almost every week. I always had out boxes labeled “donate” and “trash”. I cleared out sooo much. How do I still have all of this stuff now? I’m not buying non perishables. I have the sneaking suspicion that after I cleaned out half the stuff I had, I jammed some of the rest in closets because I was tired and frustrated. A job done wrong once has to be done twice. Stinks.

Annnnnd lately I’ve been feeling super tired and lazy. I hurt myself and kinda lost my momentum.

Alright old self, you aren’t going to win this. I want to be happy. I am 90% sure I have to much stuff to maintain and that is greatly adding to my unhappiness. So, old self, you have to understand that as I toss out and donate items.. this is for our own good. It’s the same as going to the gym or eating those vegetables that you’re not fond of. Suck it up, get it done, and be happy. You’ll love it in the long run. Besides, if we miss junk, we can always buy it five years down the road. That’s enough time to see if we am happier without all the stuff. Deal? Deal.

Keep chasing your dreams!

(I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to admit I talk to myself on my blog.. I’m not crazy or anything. You know you all talk to yourselves… I mean.. I hope you do.. )

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2 Responses to Another Truth

  1. “You’ll love it in the long run” – Precisely 🙂 As you stated, it may suck now, but you’ll get over it and then one day realize that “hey, this IS the way I wanted my life to be”. The old you will seem like another lifetime ago. Keep on following your dream and you can’t go wrong!

    Take care some art teacher and all the best.


    ps: I do talk myself while writing blog posts as well in general so you’re not crazy 🙂 Although, maybe I am!!!

  2. I am sorry, I just noticed my response never went through!

    I am waiting for the long run. I am excited about the day I look back on the old posts from my chair in my trailer and think of the long days of revaluing my life and stuffs.

    I think I can safely say anyone willing to put so much of their life on the internet has to be some kind of offbeat =).

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