All I Need Is a Big Chair, Two Computers and an Ipad


The post I was working on for Wednesday turned out to be two different posts. So I give you the first set early.


Lately I have been trying to assess what I actually use. One of the many blogs I have been trying to keep up with suggested that people use the hanger trick to figure out which clothes they use during the year. I thought that was brilliant.. and being the ambitious type, decided to try and figure out how to do that with everything I use.

So… I started a paper log.. to keep track off along with the blog.. and budgeting.. and working out…

Almost 3 weeks in, I can live without more than half of what I own and not be aware it was gone.. odd. I use my computer/ipad/monitor, chair nightly. I read books at such a slow pace these days that I should donate all that I have on that massive shelf in my bed room, and I need to keep my dishes, pots, pans, wooden spoon and spatula. (As of Monday night, I also needed a laddle but didn’t have one)

I also am running another column in my log book. It is of stuff that I wish I had during the day. Not stuff I saw when shopping or online but stuff that I actually wanted/needed for immediate use. As of now, that column only has two items. A ladle and a new can opener. My knives could be better but for now they work. Guess I know what to put on the Christmas list this year.

I actually think that this is a very eye opening experience. I would love to see someone else log what they are using in a month and share. Just in this last week, what percentage of your possessions do you use? How many of the items you don’t use could you loose and not be sad? Will one of you join me and post a pic or link to your log when you’ve finished 2 weeks? Let me know!

Keep chasing your dreams!

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